All pieces are individually designed and made to measure, which means that an order needs to be placed at least a few months beforehand, depending on item and season. Only cummerbunds can be ordered on short notice.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, inquiries or requests to set up a meeting.

How it works...

 The process of getting an Atelier Sophia Galen garment:

  • first meeting – talk about ideas & design
  • when the concept is decided you will receive a non-committal cost estimate including labour and material costs
  • the next step is taking the measurements (this can also be done at the first meeting – unbinding of course) and talking about choice of fabric
  • The fabrics can either be brought by the customer, chosen together with me or purchased by me. For Dirndls and Cummerbunds there is an assortment  of fabrics available at the Atelier
  • I will draw the pattern and make a fitting sample (not yet original fabric).
  • Finally, the fittings are starting, where details are discussed and the fit will be perfected
    • Dirndls: 1-3 fittings
    • Wedding dresses: 3-5 fittings
    • Evening dresses: 2-4 fittings