Underlining beauty is never easier than with a wonderful traditional Austrian dress, a Dirndl…

There are loads of occasions to wear a Dirndl, be it a wedding (or getting married in one), summer party, family holiday or simply because you feel like it! Due to the easy possibility of adjustment and the quick change of style with a new apron, a Dirndl accompanies you for a long time and is often even passed on to the next generation. What makes it further special is that while working with traditional patterns and styles one can individually choose so many details – the model, fabrics, colours, trimmings, ruffles and other elements.

You can also have single pieces, like a new apron or blouse, made. For more information about the process of having a Dirndl tailored see here.

It’s also possible to get a beautiful gift voucher for a bespoke Atelier Sophia Galen Dirndl or a new apron.

Bridal Dirndl


Cover Picture: Pippa Auersperg – www.instagram.com/happypipster_photos

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